The following are talks I currently offer.  Presentations on other topics may be developed on request.

The Mermaid, painting of the clipper ship by John Scott, held by National Maritime Museum

All aboard for a new life

How did our 19th century ancestors get to New Zealand, and what was their journey like? This talk looks at the migrants aboard the Mermaid in 1863, and the range of sources you can use to find your family and their stories.

Tracing property in England – from Domesday to present day

A whistle-stop tour of some of the key resources for tracing land and property in England from the Domesday Survey in 1086 to today.

Finding Private Clark, 19th century soldier

A case study in identifying a soldier with a common name in the British Army during the Victorian era.

Schooling the Victorians

Where did our 19th century ancestors learn to read? A look at the changes in English education during the Victorian era, the records that schooling generated and how we might find our ancestors in them.

Finding your family’s footprints in Ireland

How Griffith’s Valuation and the subsequent Revision books and other related records can help you discover the place where your family left their footprints.

Fake news and fearsome truths – what you’ll find in newspapers about your family

Where to find stories of your family and their community, and how to sift the fact from the fiction, using what you find as a jumping off point into other records.